Launch & Recovery:

The parking lot on the “main” west ramp area will be where most boats are kept for dry sailing.  During launch and recovery times, you are encouraged NOT to put your car in that area.  We will be running several launch vehicles and we will launch your boats and then we will pull your boats after racing.

  • Launching service will take place for 90 minutes prior to the start of the first race of the day.

  • Recovery service will take place for one hour following arrival of the first boat at the dock following the end of racing for the day. 

  • Other launching and recovery will be with your own vehicle.

  • Launch and recovery on Wednesday for practicing is on your own.

Parking / Docking / Mooring:

Boats may be dry sailed, put on moorings, kept on beaches, cross tied on slip docks, etc.  Bring your own mooring, or take a chance that one of ours is open. 
Plan to use a dolly or beach pad if you beach your boat.A double ramp on both sides of a 100 foot+ dock. Adjacent beach areas and places to self-anchor are plentiful.
Other beaching areas are available on the East Point camping area of the club.  A dolly is a good idea for beaching.